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How to get Gratis Downloads in the newsicStore and how everybody can support this Service:

A lot of products in the newsicStore as scores, mp3 files and music software are free. To enjoy this service, first register a free account in the newsicStore. (Your account works for the support forum, too) Add the gratis articles in the cart. After a successful (free) order, you will see a download link to store ordered files on your computer.

Life consists of giving and take. Therefore we ask all, who are using our Service, to support us with donations, to let us go on that way!

Make a convenient donation by paypal:

or make a donation by bank transfer to

Account Name: newsic Account Number: 3189759
Bank Account Number: 83094495 Bank Name: Ethikbank

(International IBAN: DE05830944950003189759 BIC: GENO DE F1 ETK)


With best Wishes - Thank you

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